Lecture on the Hellenistic bronzes by Gianfranco Adornato

Project image: 
Boy Runner - 100BC - AD 100 - Bronze, stone, and bone - H.118 cm - The National Archeological Museum, Naples (MANN). On display at the “Power and Pathos - Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World” exhibition ongoing at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC through December 13th, 2015 - March 20th, 2016

Organization: National Gallery of Art, Washington; The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

Date: March 18, 2016 at 2.30 pm

Location: National Gallery of Art, East Building Auditorium, Washington 

Illustrated lectures by Gianfranco Adornato, professor of classical archaeology, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa; Andrew Stewart, professor of ancient Mediterranean art and archaeology; Nicholas C. Petris, Professor of Greek Studies, University of California, Berkeley and curator of Mediterranean archaeology, Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

This program is coordinated with and supported by the Embassy of Italy to the United States and the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington DC, held as part of “Protecting our Heritage” activities of the European Union National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) in Washington, DC.