Videos of Past Iconoclash Events

Countering Violent Extremism

April 21, 2016: Countering Violent Extremism - A New Era of Peacebuilding This panel discussion with Courtney A. Beale (National Security Council) and Ben O’Loughlin (Royal Holloway) looks back at experiences gained in countering extremism and reflects on our capabilities to defend liberalism at home and abroad.

Trafficking Cultural Materials

April 7, 2016: Trafficking Cultural Materials – Appropriation of Mankind’s Property Panelists Tess Davis (Antiquities Coalition), Iris Gerlach (German Archaeological Institute), Douglas Boin (Saint Louis University) and Alexander Nagel (Smithsonian Institution) talk about how archaeology helps mankind learn about itself and artifacts require international protection.

Can/Must Good Art Be Politically Correct?

March 30, 2016: Can/Must Good Art be Politically Correct with world-renowned author Salman Rushdie, who read from his new novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights and spoke about the freedom of expression.

More Alienation, Please! A Critique of Cultural Violence

October 8, 2015: "More Alienation, Please! A Critique of Cultural Violence" by Slavoj Žižek. One of Europe’s most influential intellectuals, Žižek writes on a diverse range of topics, including political theory, theology, and psychoanalysis.

Protecting Cultural Heritage Against Illicit Trade of Art Trafficking

October 20, 2015: “Protecting Cultural Heritage Against the Illicit Trade of Art Trafficking” by Tasoula Hadjitofi. As the Middle East’s rich heritage is systematically plundered and sold off, Tasoula Hadjitofi, a refugee and the founder of the organization "Walk of Truth," explores what can be done to prevent and combat this illicit trade.

EU rendez-vous: What is Cultural Heritage And For Whom?

November 10, 2015: EU rendez-vous: What is Cultural Heritage And For Whom? The EU Delegation to the U.S. hosted an EU Rendez-Vous on the preservation of cultural heritage.

Cartoons and Taboos: Dancing in a Visual Minefield

February 11, 2016: Cartoons and Taboos: Dancing in a Visual Minefield with Lectrr (Steven Degryse), Kevin Kallaugher (KAL), Ann Telnaes, and Matt Wuerker. In January 2015, terrorism attacked freedom of expression with an assault on the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. We are confronted with a fundamental shift in thinking: freedom of expression can cost lives. Four caricaturists participated in a discussion.

Destruction as Image-Act: Remapping History

March 17, 2016: Destruction as Image-Act: Remapping History with Christian Christensen, Rüdiger Lohlker, and Nadia Oweidat. Propaganda and imagery are integral to terrorism. The execution of people and the destruction of cultural objects and places have been used to produce a self-righteous culture of annihilation and implement an overall claim to a lasting change of the course of history in the Middle East and beyond.